About Dragon Art

Dragon Art will enable artists to diversify their portfolio of creative skills in a safe and secure platform. Artists will be better positioned to respond to opportunities as they arise and recognize possibilities for new and innovative creativity.

Dragon Art has been created by Dragon Co founder Paul Moynan in a way that illuminates and contributes something new with the merging of Blockchain innovation and memorable and influential art from a ever growing number of talented engaging Artists

Paul Moynan. CEO Dragon

 “When artists come together in a place, or a scene, the possibilities are endless. That is why Dragon Art is set to emerge on the world scene as one of the few pioneers connecting artists through our trusted platform.
With a wide range of new ways for creative people to reach new audiences, the opportunities for today’s artists have multiplied by embracing Dragon Art innovation.”

Adam Sargent. Dragon Arts Creative Director

“Dragon Art is a unique platform which provides an exclusive range of artists who we believe have a unique story and amazing talent.
Through our partners Dragon we provide a modern day secure method of purchasing the highest quality art & entertainment.”

How Does This All Work?

The Dragon Ecosystem

The unique Dragon Ecosystem allows for artists and art lovers to connect through using key elements of our ecosystem and Dragon Coin (DRG), our digital currency in conjunction with the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) and the trading platform DRGx. This gives the purchaser the power  to make friction less near instant payments with considerably reduced fees making Dragon highly competitive and fluid compared to more traditional methods.

Buying or Selling Your Art

Take full advantage of everything Dragon  has to offer using smart contracts, blockchain technology and digital currency. These all play key roles in expanding the Dragon Ecosystem giving the power back to both the business owner and the purchaser.

What are Smart Contracts?

Blockchain and smart contracts go hand in hand just like the internet and email. Smart contracts are the key to decentralization and are a crucial trust less mechanism that connects Blockchain to the real world. The solution lies in the blockchain tech. The complete transparency places the code publicly to be verified. This removes the need for the middle-man and takes advantage of the trust-less ecosystem native to the blockchain.

Dragon Value Add

Dragon AirDrop.

By opening a Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) and holding DRG in the wallet you are automatically entered into the Dragon monthly airdrop. The AirDrop will start three months after the commencement of Dragon’s core business operations.

Download the Dragon App Now. Available on App Store and Google Play Store.

More detail can be found on the Dragon website.

• Transactions are near instant allowing you to send money anywhere in the world using the DRG Wallet 24/7, including bank holidays.
• Enjoy the highest level of security. PCI DSS 3.2 level security design with Hot and Cold wallets. Simply put the same security measures used by credit card providers.
• No more banking fees to use your own wealth.
•Easily transfer or pay for everyday goods direct from your own wallet. As a merchant, you can receive funds instantly with virtually no settlement time.
• Receive DRG coins directly to your wallet using the Ethereum network.
• Effortlessly trade between Fiat, Digital currencies and Dragon Global Chips all from your phone.
• Advanced third-party Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks to comply with the latest regulations.
•Highly mobile and lightweight payment solution for easy and seamless payments.

The Dragon Social Wallet is a secure and direct link between you and your finances giving you the customer power back into your hands.

Dragon Art Value Add

By using DRG to purchase Artwork not only do you get access to the state of the art Dragon social wallet you also qualify for unique Dragon Art benefits whilst at the exhibition:

  • Private tours with the Artists at the exhibition.
  • Signed artwork with a personalised message.
  • Signed personalized photo.
  • Discount on selected pieces of Art.

Sales over £10,000- A personalized thank you video from the artist and their story behind the art.

  • Exclusive one on one meal with the artist.
  • Vips tickets to specific participating concerts.
  • VVIP Tickets backstage at participating concerts.

Disclaimer. Unique benefits are subject to the availability of the artist’s schedule and not all benefits might be available at the time of purchasing.