Daniel Robson

Born in Yorkshire, England, Daniel’s artistic talents were noticed at an early age which earned him scholarships throughout his later years of education.

In 2002 a move to Southern Spain instigated his decision to start building his portfolio for exhibitions and sales.

Over the years Daniel’s artistic style has been through changes. Before his move to Spain, his passion for aerosol art and ‘spraying on walls’ was his chosen form for expressing his creative flare. Once relocated to Spain, he then changed his medium to acrylic/oil on canvas, venturing into abstract and decorative in his earlier years, to more of a ‘pop art’ style around 2010.

However, Daniel has spent years searching his mind for a special, uniquely themed collection that reaches to the viewer with meaning and words, whilst based on his own life experiences.

This collection is based around the many experiences of not only the artist himself but an entire world.  The faceless figures in the paintings are there to portray emotions and feeling through their body language,  all adapting to the words written on their wall.

In 2018 Daniel relocated from England to Malaga, Spain the home of many gifted artists.

As part of his journey into Dragon Art, he is currently working on some inspiring new pieces for his first show at the Kempinski Bahia in Southern Spain in February 2019. Other exciting shows to be released in early 2019.