Lynn Fecteau

Lynn Fecteau can not remember a time in her life when she wasn’t creating art. Originally from Philadelphia, Lynn attended Philadelphia College of the Arts, her last year on a scholarship for excellence in printmaking and painting. Her earliest childhood memories were to be an artist. On Saturdays when her friends went to football games, she went to classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As an artist and environmentalist, Fecteau reveres the sacredness of nature and our interconnection with it. She presently lives in Coconut Grove Florida, where the color and light helps shape her ideas.

Her life journey has taken her around the world, traveling on boats was a perfect fit for Lynn. She spent her young adult life sailing to the South Pacific, New Guinea, Australia, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Lynn took a sketch book every where with her and kept a journal through her drawings and paintings. The beauty of the patterns that comprise nature ignites her passion. She loves to capture those patterns on canvas. Light, color and beauty characterize Lynn’s window and shaped canvas paintings. Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, she captures the illusion of depth of space.

Fecteau’s hope is that she can prompt a sense of peacefulness and joy in all the people that experience her art.

Lynn’s imaginative art is causing massive interest and exposure in the US.
Her work has recently been added to the Oliver Cole Gallery in Miami and Key West plus many associations in the Caribbean.
Dragon is delighted to work with Lynn and offer a wider platform for her undoubted talents.