Suzanne Barton

Suzanne Barton’s Underwater Fine Art is sensuous, flowing and ethereal. Based in the USA in Fort Lauderdale, FL, her art graces galleries in Key West , Miami, and Clearwater (Florida),Charleston, (South Carolina), and Laguna Beach (California).

Suzanne turned a childhood passion to professional status in 1985, when she was hired by Resort Advisor Magazine, a well known travel publication. She has enjoyed a successful professional photography business since.

Suzanne won a first place award from Canon, HP books, and has an award winning image hanging in the National Little League Museum in Williamsport, PA Commissioned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, her work is celebrated internationally in over 250 ports of call, aboard the “Harmony of the Seas”, as part of their permanent onboard collection. Suzanne also has international presence in England and Dubai. To date Suzanne’s work has been exhibited in 23 exhibitions (6 solo) including Art Basal/Miami ,been published 13 times, and has garnered 5 awards.

“A new emotional resonance is uncovered by every movement she captures “below the surface”.

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